The 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings play by the official rules of base ball as they were written at the end of 1868. The major difference from the previous version of the game was that a fair ball caught on one bound no longer counted as a hand. Other notable rules from this version include: base men must be no more than two paces from their respective base when playing the field, outfielders must play straight up in their respective field, and neither may move until the ball is pitched; strikers may not overrun first base; runners must not have a lead off of more than two paces, may only steal a base if the catcher muffs the pitch, and can not run until the ball has been struck. Sliding is allowed to avoid collisions.

In addition to the 1869 rules, there are several home rules that are to be honored on the Buckeyes' and Red Stockings' home field in Heritage Village.

Woods cover the deepest parts of the outfield. However, only the section of woods in right field (from the first base foul line to the large tree indicated by the home umpire) has a limit of two bases for the striker and any runner on base if the struck ball enters them without being caught on the fly. Any ball struck into any other part of the woods in fair territory is in play. A lost ball is no exception.

Any ball that strikes a tree, structure or spectator on the fly may be caught on the fly (or on one bound if the ball is deemed foul) for an out.

Any ball that is struck, lands in fair territory and manages to bounce over the picket fence along the third base line is a fair ball and remains in play (it requires a skilled striker to accomplish such a feat).

Any ball that is fielded and erroneously thrown past the first base-man into the fenced area surrounding the barn across the road becomes dead, and the striker and any runners are awarded one base. The same is true of any ball erroneously thrown into the fenced area along the third base line.



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