Feb 04 vs. Bears vs. Colts - 2 PM at Heritage Village

The Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club's annual game played on Super Ball Sunday.

  Apr 02 vs. Opening Day Parade - 11 AM at Findlay Market to Great American Ball Park

Watch the Opening Day Parade and see the Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club march to GABP. Come to the mural in GABP and get your picture taken with the ball players.
  Apr 15 vs. Practice - 4 PM at Heritage Village

Captain Dan has requested the members to come to this practice to hone our skills.
  Apr 22 vs. Practice - 2 PM at Heritage Village

Final practice before our game with the Blues in Indianapolis. If you want to help paint the new benches, please come at 1 PM
  Apr 28 vs. Indianapolis Blues - 2:00 PM at Indianapolis

The Red Stockings get their first victory.

  May 06 vs. Cincinnati Buckeyes - 2:00 PM at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods

The Red Stockings and Buckeyes kick off their home season.
  May 20 vs. Ross Township select team - 4:00 PM at Striker's Grove

Ross Township holds their picnic at Stricker's Grove and The Red Stockings show them how to play the vintage game.
  May 26 vs. The Muffins from Columbus, Ohio - 2:00 PM at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods

The Muffins make another visit to Cincinnati to play with their long time rivals, the Red Stockings.

  Jun 09 vs. Quen City Vintage Base Ball Festival - Begins at 10:00 at Heritage Village and other fields in Sharon Woods

This years Festival is again a 6 team affair with four teams from around the Midwest joining the Red Stockings and Buckeyes in a day of celebrating vintage base ball. The Indianapolis Hoosiers are coming from Indiana. The Cleveland, Toledo and Dayton areas will be represented by the Forest Citys, the Great Black Swamp Frogs, and the Clodbusters, respectively.
  Jun 16 vs. Huntington Champion Hill Toppers - 12 Noon at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods

This is the first of two games the Huntington, IN team will play. After the Red Stocking match, the Hill Toppers will play another match with the Buckeyes.

  Jul 01 vs. Cincinnati Buckeyes - Time TBA at The Great American Ball Park

As a special promotion for the Cincinati Reds Hall of Fame, the Red Stockings will join their fellow club members - the Buckeyes in a brief demonstration of base ball by the rules of 1869. Many thanks to the Reds' management for allowing us to play on that special field.
  Jul 08 vs. Champion City Reapers - 2:00 PM at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods

The boys from Springfield, OH come to play a match with the Red Stockings.
  Jul 14 vs. Cincinnati Buckeyes - 1 PM at Rising Sun, IN

The club appears in Rising Sun by request of the Ohio County Historical Society to demonstrate vintage base ball.
  Jul 28 vs. White River Boys - 2:00 PM at Conner Prairie's Liberty Village

The White River Boys host the Red Stockings in a match featuring the rules of the 1880's. Can the boys from Cincinnati step up to the change in rules - and the overhand pitching? Later in the day, the Buckeyes will try their luck with the White River Boys. Come see our two teams in this unique historical setting.

  Aug 17 vs. Cincinnati Buckeyes - 1:30 and 5:00 at Cooperstown, NY

The Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club makes a pilgramage to the shrine of all Base Ball and plays two matches on the Cooperstown field.
  Aug 25 vs. White River Boys from Conner Prairie - 2:00 PM at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods

This is the second of two matches for the White River Boys. They will play the Buckeyes at noon.

  Sep 01 vs. Teams from all over America - All day at Ohio Historical Society's Ohio Village

The Ohio Cup! Two days of games played on four fields from early morning to late afternoon by teams from Ohio and many other states & provinces. The Red Stockings will play on Saturday. This is a chance to see many old friends and make new ones.
  Sep 09 vs. Champion City Reapers - Time TBA at Springfield, OH

Red Stockings will meet with the Reapers at their home field.
  Sep 15 vs. Tiffin Festival teams - Time TBA at Tiffin, OH

The Red Stockings return to this small town in Ohio for another day of base ball.
  Sep 29 vs. Cincinnati Buckeyes - 2:00 PM at Heritage village

This is the Trophy Ball Match and the last game of the season.

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